About me

A little about me–

Hi Everyone! I’m Krupa. Born in England, raised in Appomattox, Virginia (where the Civil War ended).  After high school, went to college at George Mason University in Northern Virginia, then rerouted to Florida with the family.  I finished out my Bachelors and Masters degrees at UF and FSU then moved back up to Northern Va to start working in 2008.   Then the crazy market crashed and I was one of the many who lost their jobs.  Moving onto several jobs and years later, my husband and I decided to use our education and experience to start our own design and construction company.

The start of Khushi–

In early March 2016 my father-in-law got into a really bad accident and our family had to drop everything in order to take care of him.  I decided to start Khushi (which means happiness in Hindi) a pursuit as a way to deal with all that was happening.  I suddenly realized how therapeutic and fulfilling writing was for me.  This blog is my platform to share all my favorites that inspire me including quotes, books, lessons in motherhood, people and places.  I hope you can find something good from it.  I post early in the week and keep my writing easy and fun to read.

Thank you for visiting!