In January’s post I wrote how one of my goals this year was to become more organized. With family and work, I often find it rather chaotic to keep up with everything.  I have really wanted to make it a point to organize my day to day better. I’ve compiled a list of easy tips that have been working for me.


So let me start by saying how I used to think I needed the perfect planner to get my life organized.  Then I realized something one day, you just need to find what works for you even if that something requires multiple systems. Here’s what’s been working for me so far:


1- In general–writing it all down! Anytime or anywhere I can find a spare piece of paper I do this. If I don’t have access to paper, I jot things down on my iPhone Notes app.

However often you need to write a list to keep you on track just do it! Don’t wait until you have a chance to sit down with your favorite planner and pen,

write wherever you can. I call this a brain dump. Usually I find this works best for me when I’m alone. Particularly in the bathroom when I’m getting ready for the day.


2- For work and home– I organize important deadlines on my iPhone calendar, text people or email them immediately so it gets on their radar too. An example, as soon as I get a bill in the mail or know I have to write a check to someone, I go ahead and set a phone reminder of when it’s due, typically a few days before the deadline so I don’t drop the ball last minute and forget.


3- Preparations for the week–look back on your lists, planners and phone calendars regularly to make sure everything is jiving. I try to do this at least once at the beginning of each week. I talk to my hubby to make sure we know what’s planned for the week ahead.


4- Running out the door–place a small white board on your kitchen fridge or somewhere close to your front door so you don’t forget to do those last minute things as you’re rushing out the door.


5- For meal planning–I’ve kept a paper calendar with magnet on the fridge and a notepad to write my grocery list.  While  I’m in the kitchen going through the fridge or preparing a meal, I find new meal ideas come to me for the week and it’s easy to jot them down when your notepad is easily available.  You can find notepads with magnets in the dollar section at Target or if you have an awesome realtor who sends you calendars you can use that too. Thanks Ann!


Another tip I find useful is to keep a small notebook in my purse so I can take notes on the go.


I’ve found that by creating different places to keep my thoughts in order has been super helpful in my organizing this year. And in all honesty, before I used to be so stressed when I forgot something but now that I have these systems in place, I keep wondering why it seems like my life is less stressful… well duh because I’ve found something that works for me!


I hope you’ve found this post helpful. So now over to you, what resources do you use to organize your life?


As always, thanks for visiting!