So about a month ago we decided to put our very first home up on the market and move in with my in laws while we look for our next place. It feels bittersweet to be leaving our first home but I know there are far greater things to come.  My hubby and I thought it long and hard and it is the right thing to do since it’s been about a year and a half of commuting back and forth to my in laws after my FIL’s accident. The commute was taking its toll on us all and we have office space down the road from my in laws so it just made practical sense to make the change.


I was concerned about how I would handle the change with our family but I knew overall it would be a great decision for my girls (both toddler and pooch).  Both love being close to their grandparents, uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews.


During one Sunday afternoon, I decided to take my girl on a walk to the local park down the road. When we approached the park there was a young Dad there with his two little kids: a three year old boy and 18 month girl.  My girl ran straight towards them and started following along with them as they climbed the stairs to the slide.  They went up and down on that slide probably twenty times. While doing so, the Dad and I started talking and I thought wow, this guy is super friendly.  We talked about our kids’ interests and where they like to go for fun.  He then shared with me about a dozen or so close by parks worth checking out. Before we left we introduced ourselves and said our goodbyes.


When we were walking home, I couldn’t help but feeling we made the right decision to move.  And in just a few short weeks I have met so many friendly people at the nearby grocery stores and parks.


So I could only remember two of the dozen parks the Dad had mentioned so we went to both and they were both great.


One park is called Lincoln Park in Falls Church and it’s just about 5 minutes down the road from the house.  All the playground equipment are in the shape of trees and mushrooms. So cute! They also have a small sandbox which my girl really enjoys. We have gone there about 3 times so far and we see so many parents bringing their little ones during lunch time where they play for a while before they pull out their lunch.


The other park we went to is called Clemyjontri in McLean and it’s AMAZING! It’s literally an amusement park style playground for kids. It’s handicap accessible, there’s so many things to explore and it’s free.  We only went through half of the park due to it being pretty hot outside and with no shade. But we will definitely be back to this gem!  Check out the aerial view of this park. Amazing right?!



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If and when we see Marco, the Dad from the park again, I will definitely give him a BIG thank you for being so sweet and passing along such great recommendations.


So now over to you, have you made a life changing decision that you were hesitant to do at first but found yourself so glad that you did in the end? Also have you found parks that you and your family love? Please do share in the comments.


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