Last March I made a decision for my health that I was no longer going to use commercial deodorants and antiperspirants.


A little back story as to why I made this change. Well there are two main reasons 1- I’ve heard deodorants have been linked to cancer and there were several cancer scares in my family and friends circle and 2- I have been using deodorant, actually clinical strength deodorant for the better part of my 20s and into my 30s and it wasn’t doing anything.  Actually often times I found it to make the smell worse. I was embarrassed because of it and wouldn’t want to wear tank tops. How can you enjoy summer without wearing tank tops?! I’m only kidding.


As to my predicament you can see why I needed to find a natural solution to this problem. While doing more research and trying to figure out an alternative to this, I learned a couple of things along the way as mentioned above how aluminum found in deodorant has been linked to breast cancer and that most women’s deodorants come with antiperspirant which is essentially blocking your body’s natural sweat production . So where does the sweat go? Well it stays inside your body causing all kinds of issues. Gross right?


After watching videos on natural deodorants, I finally found one that I’ve been using for a year now and have been happy with. It’s called Primal Pit Paste. Fun name, I know! This deodorant is made up of all natural and organic ingredients including: aluminum free baking soda, organic shea butter and organic coconut oil.  Check out their website for more info here.


If you’re going to make the switch, you need to do something first. That is an armpit detox. A what?! Well you need to do this first because you need to let your armpits get a chance to finally breathe after years and years of buildup.  To start fresh check out this link to a helpful site on how to detox.


This is what I did to detox– I went without deodorant for about a month and applied lime juice with a cotton ball under my armpits for 15 minutes before showering. Reason I used lime is because I’ve read it has antibacterial properties.  Then after the shower I would either put coconut oil on or nothing.  I think spring time is the perfect time to start because summer will be just around the corner and you want to have enough prep before you start sweating like crazy!


A few things I want to note–


Since I’ve been using the product I’ve found I had to switch from their regular version to light version because my armpits were a little irritated and itchy. Something they did warn about people having a reaction to the baking soda.


They also warn you to shave the night before so you won’t have irritation. Something I couldn’t always do.


I have found that I sweat a lot more now which is okay, I’m supposed to sweat, we all are.


I’ve found I don’t have the strong odor I once had with conventional deodorant.


The folks at primal pit paste were super responsive and helpful when I sent in a complaint about my irritation.  They sent me some samples and made some suggestions as to go to the lighter version and to try fragrance free.


One caveat is that the paste comes in a jar and you apply with your finger.  They also have it in tube form but I decided to go with the jar and it hasn’t bothered me.


So overall, I’m happy with my decision to make the switch over to natural deodorants. I hope this review was helpful. Please let me know if you have any natural products you use, love, and want to share.


As always, thanks for visiting!


Photo from Primal Pit Paste website