In celebration of our 5 year anniversary this week, I wanted to share our honeymoon in Aruba.  Oh what a trip that was!

When it came time to pick a honeymoon destination with hubby, we decided the destination had to follow two main criteria. 1- it had to be a relaxing getaway and 2- it needed to take less than 8 hours to get there.

I had spoken to two of my girlfriends and they both separately had mentioned what a great time they had in Aruba. So after reading up on Aruba for a few days, we decided that was our place.

We planned the trip in January, almost five years ago.  Below you’ll find some of our top picks in meals and excursions and some things to consider for next time.

When I’m traveling, I’m a huge believer that if you’ve taken the time to go to a new place you should make the most of it.  For me this means spending half my time relaxing and the other half exploring, rotating the days worked well for us.  I love the balance of doing it all!

Here are some of our favorites-

Hotel:  We stayed at the Radisson hotel.  It was a beautiful hotel right on the beach and room with a view of the ocean.  Here’s a view from our room.


Couples massage:  One day we went for a couples massage.  This local woman had set up a beautiful oasis in her backyard and it was so homey and tranquil.

Excursion:  Madi’s Magical Tour- a fun filled jeep excursion with the most charismatic and joyful woman around.  She made a day worth of sighting seeing and off-roading so fun and adventurous we decided to rent our own jeep.

Restaurant:  We found this restaurant through trip advisor called Gostoso a Caribbean seafood place in the city.  I had the most amazing seafood there and if we hadn’t rented a jeep, we probably wouldn’t have made it out here.  See image of my half eaten plate.  I always take a picture after I’ve started eating!


A few tips:

-Definitely rent a jeep- it’s so worth the money to go and explore the island for yourself.  Next time we’ll rent a jeep for much longer.

-Look for a villa or condo you can rent, it’s much cheaper than a hotel and you get to have a kitchen and save money overall.

-Find local grocery stores and get easy to prepare meals for quick breakfasts and picnic lunches. I found the restaurants near the hotel were very pricey and nothing that really wowed us.  Like I mentioned, the best meal was actually far away from the hotel in the city.  So it’s worth it to find a couple of great restaurants to eat at and go grocery shopping for the rest of the meals and snacks.

-Pack a nice camera, we took our Canon SLR which took great photos but was bulky, we now have a Sony Cybershot which takes amazing pictures as well and it’s compact.

So I hope you found this review of Aruba helpful!  We really did enjoy ourselves, so much that hubby definitely wants to go back.  Now I turn it over to you, where did you go for your honeymoon? Would you recommend the place to others?

As always, thanks for visiting!