I’m back!  Thank goodness for some much needed down time.  A chance to reflect on what I want for my blog. I decided I need to continue to write on my blog, but not hold myself to any strict deadlines.  What this means is essentially writing when I need to and not pushing myself too hard. Cheryl Strayed’s words on writing come to mind when she talks about being gentle with yourself.  Side note, a great interview with Cheryl Strayed by Marie Forleo.  Check it out here.

Let me dive into the topic on weather impacting mood.  Do I think it does? Absolutely.  Well for me it does anyways.  Just so you know, I didn’t take a poll on this.

I guess I can firmly say I do not like cold or rainy weather.  Perhaps any weather that keeps me from being outdoors. See I love being outdoors, going for walks, running errands and at least being able to go places regularly if not daily with baby girl.  But it’s been pretty rough this past winter because every time I went out with baby girl whether it be to the library, recreation center or  playground, she got a cold! Then I got a cold. Then hubby got a cold. And we were left feeling pretty stinking miserable.  Then on top of getting sick we would spend a week of time trying to recover from being sick which means not getting a chance to go out. I’ve already established how I love being out therefore, not a big fan of the cold, rain, storms, etc.  However, with rain and storms they happen for a few days tops and then the weather gets better.

On a positive note, I love this time of the year.  Even though this year has been tricky with temperatures jumping up and down.  We would have one week of 80 degree weather and then bam it would drop down to 40s.  This happened a lot.  Although this happened, I’ve still gotten a chance to find new parks and places to explore which has made me a very happy person. And made baby girl happy too.  We found a close by park, down the road actually which I can’t believe I hadn’t discovered before.  Baby girl enjoys it there and I enjoy getting us both tired and ready for the afternoon nap! Plus, she’s fond of bugs.  Hopefully this a stage. Lol. I look forward exploring more parks, places and activities with her this summer!

So as a recap, I’m not a fan of the cold however, I will be working really hard this summer on ways to handle the cold winter months ahead.  I will need some help with this so I’m reaching out and would love love love to hear suggestions on how you deal with the cold months with little ones!?

Talk to you soon.

As always, thanks for visiting!